Heartfelt thanks to my clients for their support and words of encouragement…

1.”Celeste has been the only reader that has been able to deliver accurate spiritual readings to me. He spiritual assistance and guidance has been heartfelt through times of difficulty; putting me at ease.” – Lily


2. “Thank you again for your time. I greatly appreciate it.! You have given me some hope that my situation may actually improve.¬† Take care, and Thank you again!” – Molly


3. “I wanted to say thank you of the reading you gave me.You brought such peace to my mind & heart as well as helped me realize my own connection! I am now actively looking & learning all I can! But I wanted you to know that your warmth & light in it’s own helped me in many ways! You are forever going to be a light in my heart!”- Tricia


4. “I recommend her to anyone…she was right on with everything, and I brought two family members with me, and she was great with them too… said nothing generic, pin pointed details and threw in names too. Best Ever.” – Brenda¬†


5. “Went to circle last night, Celeste Elliott was Awesome. Loved her.” – Brenda