Life’s Journey

We are all on a personal journey through the adventure of life. You may see it as a deeply spiritual practice, or simply your everyday routine. No matter how you think about life and the best way to live it, I believe that everyone – once in a while – could benefit from a little guidance.

As a second generation Spiritualist, medium, and healer, I see my work as assisting others with the process of mapping out a good route through life.

By identifying patterns and pitfalls we can avoid falling into them in the future. The assistance I offer comes simply and directly through my connection to my creator. I give the information God lays on my heart for you. I believe there is only one Intelligent Creator in this Universe, and I’m comfortable in calling that creator God… though I respect and understand that people worship what appear to be different faces, names and facets of that creator. I want to help people on their spiritual journey, and to understand what’s already been said so well…

“We are a spiritual being having a temporary physical experience”
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I believe that you and I – and everyone else – has some sort of intuitive,mediumistic, and healing ability. Much like any other skill we need only practice to become the best version of ourselves.

Important Note: If you will be visiting Lily Dale for a personal appointment, Reverend Elliot’s office is located at 19 First Street. Please call is you need more information or directions. Thanks!