What to expect in your reading“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato

FAQ/How to prepare for a session:

I frequently get questions about what to expect from a session. I’m often also asked if there’s anything special a client should do to prepare. With that in mind, here’s a little information that may be helpful. My work is simple: To help you know that you are loved by and connected to Spirit and your Spirit people. Our sessions together are always meant to be informative, healing and inspiring.

What exactly is a reading: A reading is really just a chat between the medium, the client(s), and the client’s Spirit People. It is a co-operative process.  The medium is acting as a sort of translator of information.

What to expect: Well even as I wrote that title I know it is somewhat with expectation. I like to say that readings are part family reunion and part life check-up. I say that because Spirit brings through what the client needs most. The point of my work is to let you know who around you in Spirit, how they are connected to you, how they are present in your current life. In the course of this, they often like to talk about what is going on for you presently, how you got there and what the next chapter holds.  Mediums are not fortunetellers. I can’t and won’t talk about your lottery numbers. If/when life information comes in, it is meant to help you make positive decisions in your life. It is not to make decisions for you or take away options.

Who will I communicate with “on the other side?” It’s my understanding and belief that we all have a team around us in spirit. I have never had a client where no one came through in spirit. I set the intention to work with the Spirit people who are most relevant to you and your life. That means no distant relatives that came over on the Mayflower, or even Elvis. That is, unless you are actually related to Elvis.

How does it work: A typical session starts with an introduction of how I work. I provide a more in-depth explanation of what to expect for clients who have never had any kind of reading previously. Keep in mind that a reading is really just a conference call between the client, the medium and the client’s spirit loved ones, guides/higher self. It is a cooperative process that goes smoother when the client is open and willing to validate information by saying yes, no, or I wouldn’t be aware of that. That also means if there is something you need more information about it is fine to let the medium know. I would so much rather go deeper and get you one more piece of evidence or reframe something for you than leave confused after the reading.

On my end: It is a bit like having three parts of the brain going at once. 1) What I am feeling, tasting, smelling, or knowing what information I am supposed to tell you the client. 2) Translating all the information I am receiving in real time. 3)  Staying in the moment with the client and making sure they understand/responding to them. Have you seen those pictures of the United Nations sessions? Each ambassador wears headphones during a meeting to understand all speakers. I’m the translator.

How do I, as the client prepare: I used to joke that everyone brings his or her spirit people with them. Yet, I recognize the best readings I have ever received or given started with a little preparation. I encourage everyone to talk to their loved ones, whether it is out loud or in their heads. Spirit communicates through thought so they do hear us all the time. I encourage this communication not only for the purposes of the reading but also because it keeps our relationships with those in Spirit strong. If you focus on what you want to know and who you want to come through the process goes much smoother. It gives your relatives permission to communicate with me. It also puts you in an open state of communication.

If you have a loved one in spirit who was quiet in this lifetime then they will still have a quiet personality on the other side as well. As in life the squeaky wheel gets oiled first. If you have a Spirit person or life event that you want to talk too it is alright to let the medium know. That way I can focus the reading in that direction. You do not have to give me any detail or information about them.  Or to put it another way, you can make a request without feeding the medium. I pride myself on being able to bring through a tremendous amount of information regarding the Spirit person so that we both know it’s really them on the proverbial phone line.

Are phone/Skype readings as effective as in person sessions? The short answer is: absolutely! Like many mediums I find it easier to link to someone and their loved ones when I have the sound of the clients voice. This is for two reasons: 1. It let’s me know that the physical phone line hasn’t gone dead. 2. It allows me to link with the client energetically giving the spirit people and me permission to get information and stay in the flow with them.

What is your skill set: My current skill set is in a state of evolution because I am always working on myself. However, my primary way of getting information from spirit is clairsentience or clear knowing. I also see in my minds eye, feel, taste, smell and sometimes hear the spirit people as well. Those shift from time to time based on the communicator. For more information on these skill please see my “Extras” page, with information from a workshop I taught.